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4-5 weeks
Women Owned
Small Batch
Social Good
Eco Friendly
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Mishran meaning mixture in Hindi, believes in the amalgamation of ideas through different perspectives. Rooted in Indian aesthetics and inspired from our rich cultural history, Mishran aims to craft contemporary objects which are functional and add a unique touch to your experience.

Being hands on and working in cohesion with craftsmen defines our work process. The aim is to involve different techniques and art forms and make it accessible through usable objects

Oftentimes, our senses are awakened and
inspired by the plethora of our environment.
The journey of MEZ is born out of a desire to
elevate the ephemeral food experience and
happiness. It is also deemed to acknowledge the skills and mould them into essential objects to uplift our comfort zone. Apart from being trend-driven, the aim is also to personify
timelessness, present with style and to enhance the tablescape.

Mishran’s products are sculpted with culture, embedded in wisdom and whittled to modern sensibilities.
The MEZ Collection in its entirety wants to keep the belief of art and its effect alive. Rich finishes, bold details and an overall sense of artsy flair defines our thought process. Our simplistic goal is to add another perception to your beautiful story and elevate the everyday.

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