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Our existence is based on the five elements of the universe that we call ‘Tattva’.

We, at Tattva Handmade, believe in worshipping our essence with nature itself, through the elements.

The level of tranquility one achieves when all our senses are in touch with the 5 elements, this experience is far beyond words to define.

Our ceramics have this unique texture and appeal with a touch of earthy glaze which makes you want to feel and use the product more often.

Being eco-friendly we use absolute natural components in the making of our products, as we thoughtfully and considerably work towards the betterment of our customers as well as the environment.

Each and every products of ours is made with a minimalist approach withholding a perfect balance of all the five elements.

We speak of the perfect balance because when there’s a disproportion of any of the elements, the ceramic is bound to wither.

We are Tattva, Tattva is Us!

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